With a BSc Honours Degree in Biology from Oxford Brookes University, Steven aims to communicate science in an accessible way without shying away from the more technical details. He is also attempting to branch into political journalism, as well as pop culture and human interests. In his spare time Steven is an avid creator, painter, and enjoys writing science fiction.

Steven created SANKEY REPORTS to unite all of his works into one easily accessible space. He aims to deliver accurate reporting, in-depth articles, and insightful opinions. Steven is the sole author and editor of SANKEY REPORTS.

As a trained scientist, Steven believes in peer reviewing and fact checking, which is why all of his articles are referenced and links are provided within the text.

SANKEY REPORTS has been created with the ambition that it will continue to grow, flourish, and expand into new topics and more authors.

Most importantly to Steven, SANKEY REPORTS has been created with the hope that further knowledge and new perspectives will create a deeper understanding of the world around us and of each other.

Knowledge devours ignorance.